When should dating become exclusive

01-Feb-2017 01:25

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I just think it has to do with the way the "relationship" evolves and the mutual feelings involved...what both people are looking for and if they feel like they have possibly found it in each other..... i probably have less expereince, but I do date casually fiarly often.I would never "date" more than one woman at any given time.You're told either to go sarging as much as possible and hopefully build a collection of HB's contact info, or you're admonished to think more in terms of building a monogamous relationship from minute one.Well, once again, welcome to yet another newsletter about a topic you've likely NEVER, EVER heard mentioned elsewhere. Instead, just straight talk on how to handle the decision to go exclusive with a certain woman..not.

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You feel as if you don't have any other options and don't see any on the immediate horizon. And indeed, this is how things go for A LOT of guys out there. I thought about devoting an entire newsletter to the concept of how if ONE woman is wildly attracted to you, it almost GUARANTEES that there would be others. Some guys truly are at "ground zero" when it comes to attraction and aren't yet deserving what they want.Usually within a couple months I''m tired of the BS and ready to hang up the gloves. I usually give it 2 months and am thinking maybe I am not cutting the guy enough slack.I figure if I date others if I am with someone who wants to "Play the Field", sometimes they realize they don't want the competition and he feels more certain of his desires and feelings.I am just wondering whether my expectations of him knowing in 2 months, say maybe 8-10 dates is enough.

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