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The Techno Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi products are available in all standard sanitaryware colours, with two-tone colours available as special orders.

Additional jacuzzi accessories are available as an optional choice, such as wooden surrounds, hard covers, spa fragrances, circulation pumps, ozonators, bottom suction and led lights.

See the JS Client Library tabs in this document for examples that show how to authorize users with the Google APIs Client Library for Java Script.

Any application that uses OAuth 2.0 to access Google APIs must have authorization credentials that identify the application to Google's OAuth 2.0 server.

A choice of wood finishes is also available on our Sauna units.

[This post has been translated into Japanese by one of our readers: 和訳もあります。] John Graham-Cumming wrote an article today complaining about how a computer system he was working with described his last name as having invalid characters.

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The user can authenticate with Google and grant the requested permissions. The redirect includes an access token, which your app verifies and then uses to make API requests.

I have lived in Japan for several years, programming in a professional capacity, and I have broken many systems by the simple expedient of being introduced into them.