Top online dating sites for christians

22-Jun-2017 02:22

Please, please, please don't take this personally when it happens to you.

There are lots of reasons why this happens and most of the time they do not involve the other person deliberately trying to hurt you or just being rude.

I found Christian Mingle a chore to use (feels like it was made in the 90s), and everything you put on your profile must be "approved", which I really didn't like.

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I guess you could just try finding Christians on Ok Cupid or Tindr.

Apologies for such a non-theological post, but this is something I've had on my mind the past couple of days and am looking for some personal experiences.

I'm an early twenties single christian guy who's starting to look more intentionally into being in a relationship.

People who are serious about their faith will often state it in their profiles.

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I was in my late 20s when i met my wife online (on Match), and it was clear from her profile that she was a Christian.Most people's knee-jerk reaction that there is no way that they would actually pay for a dating site.I used a paid site and there reasoning for why someone would choose to pay was to remind people that were they to go searching in real life, they would still be spending money.Don't worry too much about not having Purely anecdotal but my friends had pretty good luck on regular dating sites and just making it clear that they were only interested in Christians or people who were open to evangelism.