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FX and BBC One have renewed the Tom Hardy drama “Taboo” for a second season, the networks announced on Wednesday.The period drama, which was originally conceived by Hardy and his father Chips, has been given an eight-episode second season at the two networks.And also in the "these are not good people" kind of way.So we're rating the characters of "Taboo" by dirtiness in all the various kinds of ways, from least to most dirty.We are the ones who need to hear others’ voices, so we can broaden the narrow and predictable Danish debate.Christine Ning-Chiun Yarng and Galen Murphy-Fahlgren were married March 28 at the bride’s apartment in Arlington, Va. Apichai Shipper, a Universal Life minister and friend of the couple, officiated. She is a foreign service officer with the State Department in Washington.

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That was also pointed out recently by Lars Dencik, a professor at Roskilde University, who said in Information: “It is a defensive position which uses the theory that a good offence is the best defence…

The Danish narrative is based upon a lie, which is most clearly seen when it comes to the refugee and immigrant debate.