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Disclaimer: This collection of words is far more offensive than informative.

Men with this fetish are often fans of pornographic scenes that feature wrestling or rough sex. People with this fetish are often exhibitionists or people who get aroused by the thrill of potentially getting caught.Air Inflation: One of the most common types of inflation fetish.This usually involves the fantasy of inflating a person with a bicycle pump to a comically large size.This is a common fetish among women as mate selection for females is less impacted by the age of a potential mate than by his status. Some peeping toms and fans of glory holes have this fetish.

Alprostadil: A vasodilator used to treat erectile dysfunction. Ambisextrous: A person for whom the term “bisexual” is too constricting. Anaclitism: An erotic fixation on the objects one was exposed to as an infant, such as anal thermometers, bibs, bottles, pacifiers. Anal Beads: A class of sex toy consisting of balls of various size strung together on a string or a flexible rod.Synonyms: Chinese/Oriental love beads, string of pearls, siamese strings.Anal Bleaching: A cosmetic procedure in which chemicals or lasers are used to lighten the darker skin around the anus in order to make it match the lighter skin of the buttock.Adolescentilism: A fetish for acting, dressing, or being treated like an adolescent. This does not include the use of sex dolls merely as surrogates for real partners. Age Play: A type of fetishistic role-playing in which people pretend to be substantially older or younger than they are.

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