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I travel between past and present, learning and sharing what’s known and what’s known about artworks, artists, and subjects.

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In reality, fraternal twins are significantly more common than identical twins — only 8% of twin births are identical, or 0.1% of all births.Identical twins are highly prone to Speaking In Unison or Finishing Each Other's Sentences.They often dress identically, especially if Limited Wardrobe is in effect; or, if not identically dressed, they may be just different enough for the purpose of distinguishing them—like their outfits will be two dresses or shirts with exactly the same cut, different only in being differently colored.But how would it look if in fiction only one character in a thousand had an identical twin?

This means that you won't find hard-core sound experiments in their works.

Fraternal twins, for all intents and purposes, are just regular siblings, and regular doesn't cut it in fictionland.

Think of your favorite pair of fictional twins. Got them? Now, be honest Are they identical twins? If you answered "yes," there's a reason for that.… continue reading »

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Looking for nicknames which you use to call your wife? If yes then, here we have a list of unique, sweet, naughty and romantic names to refer your wife.… continue reading »

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Discover magical places on one of our Exclusive Tours and travel with experts such as Joe Swift and Max Hastings… continue reading »

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