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Question 1: What is the phone number for Family Dollar? My name is Brianne Algerio old ID 653885 570-390-XXXX to verify my address. Reply I was an ASM at an Omaha, Nebraska store 2 weeks ago .

Answer 1: The phone number for Family Dollar is (704) 847-6961. I had requested to have by own store as Store Manager, which my manager said she supported me in my decision, she also told the New District Manager that I was interested in being promoted.

All three times I was persuaded not to step down and or told to work in the store.

Due to Transportation issues that was the only store that I could work in and maintain my current wages.

Family Dollar was founded in 1959 by a then 21-year-old Leon Levine.

Leon became obsessed with a store in New York called Filene’s.

When reporting that some of our missing money came from other assistant managers and cashiers, I was told that things will be handled and it was not.

Later I was told to mind my own business and focus on myself.

I was being used to only work night shifts because nobody wanted to work late.

They sold the cheapest possible items in the basement.

Leon figured that if they could do it, so could he.

Upon putting in my two weeks notice by very next week I only receive 15 hours to work with.

And during my second week I became so uncomfortable working in the environment that I left prior to finishing my two weeks.After a few months I begin receiving Less hours than their favorite cashiers who are hiring for part-time.Part of being a closing manager is ensuring that all the money accounted for is correct…My general manager became so close with the cashiers that they would gossip and make jokes about myself and others whom they felt they did not like.