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Make sure your daughter understands what she's doing, what her body is doing (this discussion can be positive)--but also try to address what might be causing her stress.At 6, she may not be able to link the two, but you can help her work through the one, and hopefully you'll see a decline in her need for ''privacy.'' With luck your daughter is fine, and is enjoying a positive, healthy journey of self-discovery.Joyce I have a five-year-old and if he had a twin I can totally see him doing the same thing with his twin.So I think this is par for the course for this age. My two older boys were not in to it the way this one is. He can often be found in the morning lying face down on the bed, pajamas at the ankles, you get the picture.That can also be tricky, if you do not want to focus too much attention on the activity.Good luck, and one more thought; they will notice if you are watching them like a hawk, and that will no doubt have its own effect.

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I'm not sure I'd tell your boys not to do it with each other, because that might make it more appealing and thus more aggravating for you.

It's okay to set gentle boundaries around it (for example, if someone is selt-stimming during playtime) by saying, '' Not right now, honey'' or '' That's for rest-time'' or even '' That's private.'' And of course we always keep our hands to our own bodies.

I conveyed to my girls (eventually) that it's like picking your nose - everybody does it (don't you? This behaviour peaked around 2.5/3yrs and then tapered towards Kindergarten.

Anybody been through this with their children or had close sibling situations? In general, I think it is believed that sexual activity between children of the same age that is non-coercive is fine.

There certainly are lots of societies and social situations where boys masterbate eachother.Naturally the children are interested in viewing one another using the potty and recently they have been interested in what the opposite sex has underneath pants and one or two masterbates at nap time.The problem is that a couple of the assistants are uncomfortable about this.Things you play with and hands if they're not clean can hurt you or make you sick.'' Sept 2008 Hi - I can't believe I'm having to ask about this, but my 6-year-old daughter has been masturbating lately.