Pkg updating repository catalogue no valid repository found office communicator status not updating

04-Aug-2017 13:32

IPS is an integrated solution that helps automate and ease the complexity of managing system software on Oracle Solaris 11 by integrating patching with package updates.It relies on a network-centric and efficient approach with automatic software dependency checking and validation, and it builds on the foundation of Oracle Solaris ZFS as the default root file system.When a planned maintenance window can be scheduled, you then simply reboot the system into the new BE to get up and running faster with much lower system downtime.If you experience any problems with the new environment, you can simply bring the system down and boot back into the older environment.

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Now that we have successfully configured the Oracle Solaris 11 supported repository, we can check whether there are any updates available. ctx=E23824&id=SERNS --------------------------------------------------------------------------- will be active on reboot.This is an optional step that allows you to identify the key and certificate further.For our case, enter in the Comment (optional) field.In this case, we are most interested in the Oracle Solaris 11 Support entitlement, which is shown in Figure 2. List of Entitlements The next step in the process is to download the key and certificate for the Oracle Solaris 11 supported repository.

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