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13-May-2017 00:11

*NOTE: The fix for 1178 introduced a regression in IMSMO and thus it was reverted in IMSMO more details, see the 1203 entry in the fix list.

Fixed an issue that caused certain search terms such as an asterisk to be ignored with IBM Mail search feature against cloud based mail.Fix problems with Account Repair (most visible in profiles with multiple accounts).This does not retroactively fix any profiles that have problems due to repair, so those profiles will need to be recreated Allow admins to override the Open in i Notes URL with a registry setting.General Known Issues and Guidance This section provides information and guidance on the common issues and questions raised by users of NHSmail.

You can use the dropdowns below to show more information on each of the issues It is highly unlikely that email delivery between NHSmail, secure government email services and N3 hosted NHS.

Additionally, however, Address Book Provider includes distribution lists and other items that may not be available in an LDAP directory.