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To ensure you’re starting this year with a happy mind and helpful company, here are six toxic people to leave in 2017.From (finally) meeting someone you want to go on a second date with to receiving a generous bonus at work, you’re on cloud nine and this friend is raining all over your parade.Even though the success of your friends can be a helpful driver for reaching your own goals, it shouldn’t be the defining reason for the relationship. While this isn’t to say that being in different life stages means the friendship must end, it’s understandable to let it go if you’ve both tried and can’t seem to connect any longer.Unfortunately, this friend is the one who is keeping score. Is it the fact that her priority is still dating younger men who treat her wrong?

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On December 19th, 1976 "More Than A Feeling" by Boston peaked at #5 (for 1 week) on Billboard's Hot Top 100 chart; it had entered the chart on September 12th and spent 19 weeks on the Top 100...

The recorded tracks - minus Scholz's guitar - were then sent to Scholz in Boston so he could add his guitar parts.

As it turned out, Scholz re-recorded all of the instrumental parts - leaving Delp's vocals - and then sent his tapes back to California for mastering with the engineers in Los Angeles being none the wiser to the fact that he had done all the instrumentals himself. He is, therefore, somewhat justified in believing that Boston IS Tom Scholz.

Blame it on jealousy or insecurity, but he or she would rather overlook your success than celebrate it with you.

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Despite your attempts to share good news, you should be around people who are on your side — instead of the ones who are sulking as they stand there.People often want to know who was Marianne in the song.Tom Scholz quoting "Marianne was my cousin who was older than I was by a bit, and I had a crush on her when I was 13.Perhaps Huckabee could have been more clear that his playing of the song in no way implied the endorsement of Tom Scholz or any other member of Boston, but come on Tom, lighten up ...

To ensure you're starting this year with a happy mind and helpful company, here are six toxic people to leave in 2017.… continue reading »

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You meet someone new and sparks are flying. You can't keep your hands off of each other. You shave every crevice of your body before date night and wear the sexiest thing you own or nothing at all! under a little black dress.… continue reading »

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