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06-Jun-2017 19:44

She told me she lived in Tyumen, but the address she sent me was in Magadan. She told me that now she has become a professional in making the tour to different countries. The only thing she told me now that all the documents must be made here, in Russia.

I have received 4 letters from her thus far, but she has not asked me for money. Send me your papers and I will make them ready here.

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I do keep a good eye on this site for updates on these scams.

This has not cost me anything yet, and (she) does not know of my research on this web site yet.

The address she is using is [email protected] am going to contact them, and inform them about this. I think, when we meet we will understand each other even more better. But I hope, when we meet we will like each other even more, I do want to be with you. I wish I could be with you and help you with the repair of it. I would be better if I will arrange al the papers myself, because people in our Embassy find always fault with the papers arranged abroad.

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