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11-Aug-2017 17:02

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After Williams hijacked Maddow’s show to break the Syria missile news earlier this month, he turned to her live on air at the end of the segment and said,“Thanks for visiting tonight.

Glad you were a part of our coverage.” Viewers — who were already mad that MSNBC slipped “Lyin’ Brian” in to break the news when Maddow was already at the anchor desk talking about Syria — flipped out.

Maddow does have a liberal bias, but she is more concerned with political fairness and equality than pushing an agenda.

You also get the sense that she is a legitimate reporter that investigates stories throughout the day, throws on a jacket and presents the news with modest production.

Maddow's broadcast (TV/podcast) starts with a seemingly random assortment of historical events that are weaved together to give a comprehensive understanding of the day's big news event.

You don't watch Maddow to catch-up on all of the day's news--she only focuses on a selected few.

I truly enjoy her call out of Polti Fact, it is hilarious listening to the volume increase of her voice when dispelling yet another failure of their statements.

The MSNBC podcast takes an intelligent and thought provoking look at politics, pop culture, and top news. I must admit I attempt to avoid watching TRM show in order to listen to the daily podcast.

For the past several years I multi task by listening to the podcast while jogging.

show when she could have handled it better herself.

To make matters worse, wily Williams also made a moron of himself by repeatedly referring to the bombs as “beautiful” on the April 6 broadcast.

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