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Your mission—and there’s no choice but to accept it—is to sacrifice yourself to make a miserable person occasionally happy, to stand with your finger in the dyke until it rots from gangrene and falls off, to bear the unbearable, to sustain the unsustainable, and best of all—to like it, to enjoy it, to be grateful for the opportunity to be with such a demanding person who gives you so little in return.♦◊♦Does any of this strike a chord? If the answer is yes, you’ve gotten yourself into a seriously dangerous situation that threatens your emotional security and leaves you vulnerable to leading a life of co-dependent enslavement.If any or all of these things are happening in your relationship, go get some help.This is perhaps the most obvious sign that something is wrong. Things you did two weeks or two months or even two years ago get endlessly rehashed—from failing to take the garbage out if you live together to not remembering the first anniversary of your second date. The two of you go at it like boxers in the ring, but there’s no final bell and no decision, not even a TKO. Dysfunctional partners avoid accountability like the plague. Guilt: You’re constantly apologizing, even for things you didn’t do.You just keep socking away at each other until one of you falls to the mat with no more strength to stand.2. They twist and turn situations around, revise the narrative, edit out what doesn’t serve them, and even gaslight you to make their unhappiness not only your fault but also your responsibility to fix. Keeping the peace requires you to suck it up—every single time.

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Recognizing these seven signs when they start happening can save you from worlds of hurt and help you make an early exit from a relationship you will later regret. Tedium: You have the same argument over and over again and never resolve it. You each have different versions of reality, and they collide with the force of a supersonic jet smashing into a nuclear-powered forcefield. You have to become the dragon slayer who rights all the wrongs—real or imagined—that have ever been done to them. You just need to stop making your partner so upset—which means you have to stop drawing boundaries, speaking truth, expressing your feelings, and being yourself.3.Read some books about co-dependency, emotional abuse, and the types of mental health conditions—particularly narcissistic and borderline personality disorder—that enable dysfunctional relationships to thrive.Equally important, start believing in yourself, in what your heart tells you is right, healthy, and true.Whether you’re feeling bad about yourself or just want to increase your “feel good” vibe a little bit, it’s time to make a firm choice for what you want in your life.