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21-Feb-2017 08:54

You’re too cute for that.’ He thought you were some mail-order bride. In history class, Filipinos are taught to be grateful for our Western colonizers.

After all, without the Spanish, who would have delivered our beloved homeland into the embrace of Catholicism?

I remember that, unlike what I was taught about my country’s independence, my relationship is not a debt. As an Asian woman, I find that I am often asked to second-guess myself; to forgive and understand others before I am allowed to defend myself.

By Lindsay Campher Krasinski Making the choice to live overseas & teach English abroad is the first step in an adventure of a lifetime.

A week later, Adam makes his own touchdown at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

For him, coming to this place means to be seen, means that his white skin and blue eyes mark him, in these rare moments, as someone Now, as we drive home, he kisses me and tells me how familiar it all feels.

I told him I was visiting my girlfriend in the Philippines and he said, ‘Why would you do that to yourself?

In each picture, we are touching: an arm around the shoulder, hand brushing hand, our cheeks together. Even in those times when we have been half a world apart, we have reached and found ways to come together.

How could I communicate this to the man he had spoken with about me at the San Francisco airport?

He was there for me the day I spoke to my mother for the final time.

In our kitchen now, hanging above our dining table, there is a collage of pictures, postcards, magnets, ticket stubs, memories upon memories stacked over each other in layers.For five years, I have been living in the United States, and it has begun to feel more like home to me than this country I now visit for just one month a year.Still, surrounded by strangers with familiar faces, faces like mine, one cannot deny that this is the feeling of homecoming.There on the screen was a love letter from his girlfriend in China, whom he’d said he had broken up with almost a year ago.

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