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20-Apr-2017 17:10

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Despite getting fired from the show following her multitude of arrests two years ago, Kyle Richards' big sis is set to stop by tonight to stir up drama with her soap opera actress nemesis… But while Lisa is clearly the more polite person in the problematic pair…

“Brandi had a date and she asked me if I would come along to help her out. I would not go out on a date with the other Housewives!

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In the funny clip, executive producer Andy Cohen presses the 52-year-old former child star by saying, “I heard a rumor you once dated Donald Trump.” Richards responds in mock horror, exclaiming, “What?! I had dinner with Donald.” Cast member Lisa Vanderpump presses for details, asking, “Sex or not? ” While all the ladies have a good laugh over Vanderpump’s questioning, Richards laughingly exclaims, “I don’t want to get into it! “I have been on a few dates and I actually just met someone that is kind of nice.So I’ve actually just started my dating situation.” “I was actually going to call Patti [Stanger], the Bravo specialist here,” Kim reveals.Ch-ch-check out our full list of celebs — like Kim — who have been hit by tax controversies (below)!!! Well, as Bravo previously teased on You Tube, Paris Hilton's aunt returned the bunny arch nemesis Lisa Rinna gave her as a , but none of her relationships are as strained as her "friendship" with Kim Richards.