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10-Jun-2017 17:31

In 1987 he started Concours Tyre & Rubber to design and manufacture high quality inner tubes and rim bands.

It seems to be a little known company outside the industry even though they produce the racing tubes we all have.

More seriously it is my opinion that these Dunlop's have been designed for 4inch rim widths whereas our Bugattis tend to be no more than 2.7 inches!

Apart from rounding off the tread, which reduces the contact patch, this is what makes them even more bulbous than they already are.

When the manager was later replaced I made a point of seeing his successor (the present incumbent) but, again, to no avail.

A number of my cars, and those of my family, get used on the road shod with the 5.00 x 19 Dunlop race tyre and I was determined to get something more authentic in time for when my 26M Maserati was ready for the road.

Firstly, Julian feels that vintage cars benefit from having access to an all-in-one road and race type tyre that is thus suitable for both disciplines.

The people at Longstone Tyres provided paperwork pointing out the problem Dunlop had pre-war with their triple stud looking tyre and the uneven block wear associated with it.This is probably what led to it's being replaced with the tyre having 5 studs, of which there were two versions.Derek would have to make sure my tyres didn't suffer from any of this, as there is only so much period authenticity a customer will tolerate I would have thought! have as a control compound, Dunlop's 204 compound, so I made sure the new tyres were no softer.An advert for these tyres can be found in the "Services to Members" section of this Newsletter.

However, we would suggest that anyone who thinks that they may be interested in purchasing a set should contact (Blockley) a s soon as possible, in order to help ensure adequate availability from the batches ordered.Years before, just to stand the car on, I thought of having some old carcasses remoulded and hand cut to a more traditional looking pattern but soon realised there was a lot more to it - unfortunately to do the job properly the whole thing needed changing. Derek Freathy was at the Goodwood Circuit Revival meeting a couple of years ago with a DB4 Aston Martin and was the first 'tyre man' I met who actually knew exactly what I was on about; not only this but he had gone one better and was in the process of producing the 4.00 x 19 Classico tyre.He had joined Dunlop in 1968, was manager of car racing in 1973 and was the first man to be made manager of all three divisions (cars/bikes/rallying).A friend of mine owns the Zagari photographic archive and by studying the photographs, coupled with checking period data, I think I can safely say that no competition car pre-war had a rim width exceeding 4 inches, which may come as a bit of a surprise to most of us.

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