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20-Feb-2017 07:15

Also, in your code you are setting the parser's error handler.

So, you may find a way to "code" the behaviour that you want in your Error Handler implementation class.

The exceptions are: For the conduit issues, you COULD install a new Conduit Selector that uses a thread local or similar. For most "simple" use cases, you can use CXF proxies on multiple threads. Usually this means the wsdl at that address contains the service and binding, but uses a element to import another wsdl (usually at ?

wsdl=My Service1type address) that defines the types, messages, and port Type.

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(You can use @Web Result for the return value, but you'll only see the results if you look at the XML.)Reason: One of the mysteries of java is that abstract methods (and thus interface methods) do NOT get their parameter names compiled into them even with debug info.

Also, if you define a target Namespace attribute on the @Web Service annotation on one of them, but not the other, you will likely see this as well.