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There was only a barn and vacant lot north of the Moore house with houses to the east and west at least partially screened by bushes.

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Reverend George Kelly, the other primary suspect, says in his confession that he found the ax in the back yard and, following God’s command, (he) “went around towards the front door.” Both these witnesses suggest the killer entered the front door finding it unlocked. Ed Lander’s wife was walking with him that Sunday night and she denied seeing anyone walking in front of them or entering the house.Watch it for his scathing, sarcastic takedown of an uptight waitress.For the uninitiated, during the 10-years we spent working on the Villisca: Living with a Mystery documentary project, we published a newsletter called the Villisca Journal to keep supporters informed of our progress..lack thereof.After all the ax was picked up in the back yard so it would be logical for the killer to enter the house through the back door.

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