Hemaphrodites sex dating

06-Jun-2017 10:01

In dioecious populations the invasion of a hermaphroditic mutant usually eliminates 1 of the 2 sexes, more commonly the males (Wolf and Takebayashi 2004).

In hermaphroditic populations, the invasion of a single-sex mutant causes the remaining hermaphrodites to reallocate resources to the alternate sex, eventually leading to the evolution of dioecy as the hermaphrodites readjust their resource allocation to the increased presence of the single-sex morph (Charlesworth and Charlesworth 1978).

We conclude by suggesting several areas in need of further study to understand more completely the evolution and distribution of this interesting mating system in animals.

Additionally, we hypothesize that the development of mechanisms allowing reproductive assurance in species with a number of sexually differentiated traits is most likely to result in androdioecy rather than gynodioecy (mixtures of females and hermaphrodites), and that these species may be developmentally constrained to stay androdioecious rather than being capable of evolving into populations solely consisting of efficient, self-compatible hermaphrodites.

To date, a thorough comparative analysis of androdioecy in animals has not been undertaken. Androdioecy has only been extensively surveyed in 2 animal taxa: the nematode .

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