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The philosophy behind the label and distribution service was to promote gothic, gothic-based and gothic-involved music, which would take in a whole load of sub genres - darkwave, dark industrial, witchhouse, industrial, dark beat, electro-goth, ghost drone, distorted beats, power noise... I’m a lecturer in music technology, my specialism was the history of music as well as composition and production engineering, so I can literally identify genres in a matter of seconds.I can probably tell you the influences that went in to it and which bands were influential in the development of that particular sub genre.

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It’s a platform for gothic and gothic involved music and for people who want to be involved with that. The radio station is the most active wing of Nightbreed now and we broadcast throughout the world 365 days, 24 hours a day.

If you’re still trying to get your head around normcore, look away now. Soon, their library of futuristic, monochrome style inspo had over five thousand followers, and today, the Health Goth community is still expanding. In an interview with Complex in August, the creators listed their inspirations as ‘mesh, moisture-wicking fabrics, prosthetics, fashion and performance wear brands, transparent clothing and chains’.

The latest underground fashion trend sent to confuse us has landed, and it’s going by the name of health goth. Basically, think traditional goth gone body-conscious. High-performance sportswear is key for nailing the health goth look, but inspiration also comes from sci-fi and cyberpunk, which adds the futuristic element. Despite only getting its name in 2013, health goth aesthetics have been around for a while, particularly in the movie world.

Going full health goth is a bold statement, though – nods to the trend such as hi-tech trainers, metallic make-up or mesh-panelled t-shirts are an easy way to incorporate it into your everyday style.

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Nike and Adidas are the go-to footwear brands for any discerning member of the HG community – just remember, the more futuristic-looking the shoe, the better.Despite what the name suggests, it’s not based around dressing like Morticia Adams while embarking on a strict vegan diet. Trinity from The Matrix, with her trademark wraparound sunglasses, and even Daryl Hannah’s Pris from the 1982 cult hit Blade Runner, could both be classed as pioneers of what’s now known as health goth.Rather, it’s a very modern mix of gothic and punk sensibilities (think dark colours, figure-hugging silhouettes and heavy statement accessories) and futuristic sport-luxe. Slick, figure-hugging silhouettes and transparent materials are all staples of the trend, but Health Goth can also be sexy – think flame-haired Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element. According to those in the know, we should all be embracing our dark sides.One reason for this may be that, despite its seemingly daunting appearance, is that it’s actually quite easy to wear.

Oct 15, 2014. The latest underground fashion trend sent to confuse us has landed, and it's going by the name of health goth. Despite what the name suggests.… continue reading »

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