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Participation was purely motivated by interest in the projects.Another adult education centre, located in a metropolitan region and of commensurate size, used the EU projects as a way of reorienting itself.By taking the individual situation of each adult education centre and its organisational culture into account, various patterns can be recognised based on motivation and approach to project work.

So it seems that a partner network must first be established before a project can be launched. Julia Behrens studied Educational Science with a focus on Adult Education/Continuing Education and Training at Bielefeld University in Germany.This can lead to conflicting priorities which are hard to balance. The question arises as to what motivates institutions to become involved in EU projects, and how they deal with the additional demands that are placed upon them.Finding an answer to this question was the goal of qualitative research focussed on adult education centres, which make up the largest group of state-subsidised continuing education institutions in Germany.As one generation succeeded another, there were changes in staff and the project was used as a team building-measure.

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The entire staff, from management to administration, took part in the project and all decisions were made democratically.

The management admitted that its main interest was in the money that flowed from the projects, although it and the rest of the staff looked favourably on the employee’s involvement.