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Roxy's little brother Dave is marrying John and Roxy has to plan their wedding, while dealing with the sudden irritability of her girlfriend Jane. Takes place four years after Hollywood Arts graduation."He knew it was the risk of sounding unbelievably corny in his own head, he admitted he could just sort of tell by looking at those eyes." Karkat has a moment with Kanaya's grub after creating them. And Jade, being the sullen girlfriend she is, has thrown her a birthday party, albeit with a monotone cry of 'surprise'. Carlyx Sam oneshot PWPIt all started when Carly and Sam stumbled upon a very racy video of Spencer, Drake Parker—yes, the Drake Parker—and his manager Josh Nichols. In her room with nothing to do, the day couldn't get anymore boring. Try not to laugh at any of them." Rose's reminders for dealing with her parents. When Hermione is having a Hormone, do not anger her. one-shot, might turn into a chapter story later, depending on if anyone likes it. Ginny Luna femmeslash.(FEMSLASH: Jane/Daria) They say if you look into someone's eyes, you can read their soul. Regulus knew he had made a mistake when he joined Voldemolt's war, but once the Dark Mark was in place, it was too late to argue. -implied George/Fred, implied George/Fred II- -implied slash- -implied twincest- -implied incest- -Poetry- -Dark-Boredom and rainy days go hand in hand.

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In a house in the middle of many, a girl drinks until she passes out, ignoring sermons she was never given. It's not even very troll-like at all and it fascinates you and scares you and confuses you all at the same time. If only I could look at it long enough to admire that... When Hell breaks loose in their relationship as friends, it takes one golden desire to mend the bond. Mostly humorous, but many contain sexual situations between Justin and Alex, so if incest squicks you, veer away. -For the 30 angsts LJ comm- Thirty separate chapter/fics involving one Momiji Sohma. -Kagura/Sakaki- -Femslash- -Fluff- -Romance- -Humor- -Comedy-Something heavy has been on Toph's mind and when Katara comes to comfort her, she battles with herself to find the courage to share her fears with the older girl.Besides, it leads to very interesting games, that Kanaya hadn't originally imagined she would comply to. I got her/him to beta read it when I got home from school today. As the title says, this is a morning conversation between the sisters. Slash fangirls, femslash lovers, het upholders, everyone's welcome! Thirteen's not the type to willingly admit to things, but she's having trouble keeping her desire for Cuddy quiet. And most importantly how it effect the girls themselves? However, an appearance of 'Scabbers' and Death Eaters, opens old wounds for Harry. Read if you wa After her escape from Amon, Team Avatar and Tenzin decide to allow Korra to stay briefly with former police chief Lin Bei Fong in order to be near the hospital and hide from Amon and the Equalists. -Kanade/Yukino- -Twincest- -Femslash- -Fluff- -Drabble-Sam tries to impress Carly with a little bit of Japanese. -Cam- -Femslash- -Sexual content-Drake and Josh are excited about the last day of school and going down to San Francisco, but Mindy and Megan will intervene with their plans. -implied Mindy/Megan- -hinted Drake/Josh- -Humor- -Drabble-When Draco shows up for detention with Mc Gongall, he's surprised to see Neville there. What's a gal to do but wait to see if she can find her way through an invisible blockade? Can love prevail despite this, or will Voldermolt interfere? After Korra wakes, an unlikely bond begins to form. She has lived through the apocalypse and the death of almost everyone she ever loved. In which this is a terrible time for a sexual identity crisis and Rose Lalonde comes of age. When Tori first came to Hollywood Arts, I knew exactly two things about her. Things go from awkward to hot and everything between. Caught between wanting to tease the boy and totally screw with his mind, the Slytherin might reveal a little too much.

-Draco/Neville- -Slash- -Drabble-ish- -WIP-A quirky little drabble I came up with. So what happens when she sits with them when Tohru isn't around? Let's just say, she may have been doing something private one night...

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