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22-Jun-2017 14:35

First sex is seldom a cataclysmic opening, rather a build up of various tendrils which will one day flower into full blush... Well perhaps more a virgin than a teenager – 18 or thereabouts.

I had to stay home from school, missing important exams in the process.

This countered the embarrassment of being naked in front of my great aunt who must have been in her early sixties at the time.

I remember protesting at her careful soaping of my genitals – she simply pooh poohed the idea, insisting that she had washed thousands of men, old and young and that I had absolutely no need to feel embarrassed.

She pulled savagely at the cloth and when it dropped away my cock bobbed obscenely up and down in front of her.

I was a little surprised when I heard her calling for me.

Similarly she would insist on me turning around and bending over so that she could gain easy access to my anus, washing that carefully as well.

These showers ended with her drying me with very soft fluffy towels, as I stood naked in front of her.

This showering became a daily routine as my condition slowly started to improve.

And, to be honest, I enjoyed the water and the relief.

I stayed at my aunt's, my great-aunt really; she was deemed to be the only person able to care for me as the scarlet fever ran its course. Not just the unbearable itchiness of the spots, but the fever and the feeling of utter weakness – total helplessness.