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28-Feb-2017 14:38

error validating the port in mtn-13

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Find other ways for those skins to make money; they're a for profit business after all.

Whether it's 15 dollars or amazon prime, it's the consumer's job to decide whether to buy the product or not.

They billed me for that shit too, and no matter how much I tried I couldn't get that money back. They need to add a screen that says "Hey, you're going to be charged $X" but for some unknown reason, they hide that shit. And if somehow they decide to be all like "Hey, you signed up for Amazon Prime and immediately cancelled after claiming your free rewards, therefore we're taking them back/having blizzard ban you/whatever", I'm not going to be a very happy camper.

error validating the port in mtn-64

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Obviously if it's not available in your country that's unacceptable, but Blizzard could have easily just charged for for it like they have in the past. I haven't bothered getting any of them cause they are all either partnered with stuff I wouldn't use, or to do something completely unrelated to HS.

They want people to try and figure out how to use their service and make themselves money. You see that hero portrait in the distance, you can get that. So while both are cosmetic items, they are in no way "exactly the same nature".

And when two players meet up in the world, they will get to see your hero skin and think, where did you get that. In an environment where, say, every class already has 2 or 3 different alternative skin options each, I doubt you would get any noteworthy backlash about an exclusive skin.

I said to myself, nope, that doesn't sound right. They also billed me an extra dollar for some unknown reason, bringing my total up to .27. Please, take my .27 for the next week, I'm happy for you to have it! This isn't the first goddamn time this has happened to me either.

error validating the port in mtn-8


Checked my credit card, and sure enough, there was a charge from I was able to end my subscription and get that .27 back. A few months ago I went to buy Medivh through that Hay Day promotion that everybody got.

I think it's absurd that there's people on here who are like "yeah fucking deal with it, you arbitrarily-left out foreigners."Even if I didn't get the skin I'm glad that I went through the process. Its not exactly the most legal thing, but unless you steal or something you're fine. Not enough people bought the skins so blizzard figuring out different ways to generate revenue from said skins.

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