Effects of dating violence

16-Mar-2017 03:55

“The digital platform seems to be helpful in that it adds another level of anonymity and, unlike a phone call to a hotline, you [wouldn’t be heard] crying or feel like you’re being judged.”And that’s a good thing, because a victim needs help, not judgment.

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Normalizing this type of behavior at such a young age has become worrisome to many in the field of teen dating violence and domestic violence because it also has long-term health consequences.

For many victims, these types of assaults are not being reported because the victims are not recognizing them as assaults but, instead, are perceiving them as part of normal cultural mores.

That this is seen as heterosexual relating should shock us into action.”Educating teens on what constitutes teen dating violence is half the battle, says Nabilah Talib, director of Wellness Services, which manages the Sexual Violence and Support Services (SVSS) program for YWCA Metropolitan Chicago.

The organization goes into classrooms, meets the students where they are and provides them with information about dating violence along with scenarios that mirror some teen’s experiences.

They may worry that the abuser will find them and abduct or harm them or that the abuser will be angry and retaliate when they return home.

“They grab you, touch your butt and try to, like, touch you in the front, and run away, but it’s OK, I mean…

Children removed from one parent as a result of violent acts may have strong fears that the other parent could also leave them or die.

The same emotional reaction can be acted out differently according to the child's age.