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23-Aug-2017 15:50

PLOT: Storyline via Hallmark: A relationship writer at a women’s magazine has recently sworn off dating and joins her best girlfriend for a snowboarding weekend.A reservation snafu forces them to share a chalet with a couple of guys they’ve never met, one of whom is a company CEO who is also lying low on the dating front.Predictably, Debbie was too embarrassed to acknowledge this nickname.The graphic image of him mounting a beautiful woman for a pleasure ride was not something she could even contemplate.She enjoyed the compliments, but even in marriage she was still a shy woman lacking in confidence.And we all knew who was really scoring with Debbie.He had a well developed knack for getting intimate with the object of his attention.

My luck on the dating front took a dramatic turn for the best during my senior year. Debbie was shy, but when she looked at a man and smiled, he usually melted into a puddle of adoration. Their roundness and fullness were matched by the flare of her hips.

During the summer after Debbie graduated, she and I took a vacation to Jamaica.