Dating the cancer woman

01-Feb-2017 21:44

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You can be very comfortable showing your feelings around this man.It can draw him to you if he sees tears in your eyes over some sad story, or something that bruises your delicate heart.The Cancer woman is among the most home-loving of creatures but, ironically, she tends to run her home like a business.She is often found looking at her home like a profit-center.Sex can be more of a commodity than with many others.It goes like this: If I have sex with you will you (1) take care of me, (2) provide for me, (3) love me forever, (4) love me unconditionally, (5) take care of all my needs, (6) be nice to my mother — etc., etc.

You can see that she combines tender qualities in her approach to marriage. He will nurture as much as she does, but what he will nurture is his wife, their mutual investments, their retirement fund, and both sets of parents.

Sylvester Stallone and Brigette Nielsen, Dan Akroyd and Donna Dixon Sometimes when two signs get together, it’s too much of a good thing.

In the case of Cancer and Cancer, however, there are some real advantages.

By being sensitive to a Cancer woman’s shyness, you can get to know her in a way that feels comfortable for her.

Appealing to her love of family and helping out around the house, too, will show her that you know home is where her heart is.

As a matter of fact, many Cancers are so oral they would rather eat or smoke than have sex — as far as satisfying basic needs.