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Again, all the small Indiana towns vied for the privilege, but Harrison County had the advantage that they were in the process of constructing a Harrison County Courthouse, extravagant for the time and place, which would adequately serve the needs as a state capitol building.

In fact, the Constitution was interpreted to mean that the document could not be amended for twelve years which meant no changes could be made until 1828.Many were unhappy with the selection of Corydon as the First State Capital and continually agitated to have the capital moved elsewhere, often clamoring that the accommodations in Corydon were not sufficient to meet the needs of those attending to state business. In fact, nine of the original buildings that existed in downtown Corydon during the Capitol Period (1816-1825) are still here.They are : Adams Payne House, Cedar Glade, First State Capitol, First State Office Building, Harrison Log Cabin, Hendricks House, Heth House, Posey House and the Westfall House.Contenders included Jeffersonville, New Albany, Charlestown, Vevay, Lawrenceburg, Madison, Salem and others.

In fact, the town of Madison offered ,000 for the privilege.Despite administrative delays, when the population of Indiana reached over 60,000, the people were authorized to hold an election to choose delegates to attend a convention to discuss creating a state constitution.Thirteen Indiana counties sent representatives to Corydon in June of 1816.Adam Sibert, of Corydon, served as one of the transporters.