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BT 2 - metallurgy – melting-pots, cradles (rocker boxes) BT 3 - minting – melting-pots, earthen slag pots, cupels and other technical ceramics, tongs, smelting rings/eyelets, mixers, etc.Most of the collection items from the Vocel Archaeological Society were catalogued in 1963.

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They refused to set roof supports for the machine, claiming that "if the Iron men can do one job they can do the other".The late Alderman T Jones (a Broseley mining entrepreneur) used to recall how the Red Church Pennystone Pit, a local Iron mine, was plagued with black damp.Material cut at the face was pulled by children on wooden sleds (known as "mobbies") to the main roadways, where it was transferred to wagons (known as "dans") that were pulled out of the mine by horses.The first atmospheric steam engine in Shropshire was erected at the Madeley Glebe coalworks about 1719, only 7 years after Newcomen's first engine was installed at Dudley.

I should tell you that in Shropshire the owner of the mine contracts with one or more men, who usually have themselves been originally working miners, to take the coal at so much per ton, these men are called chartermasters and they in their turn agree with working men at so much a day.Although this coalfield did not have the big mining disasters that other areas did, thousands of lives have been lost from "minor" accidents, such as roof falls, fires, accumulations of gas, people falling down shafts or winding accidents.The coal, Iron and clay deposits were so closely intermingled that it was very rare for only one of them to be mined.The core of the collection is comprised of old acquisitions by Vocel Archaeological Society from the late 19th century and the first decades of the 20th century.

A crane is a type of. in a manuscript of probably also French origin dating to. show cranes to be powered manually by windlasses with radiating.… continue reading »

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