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51st St Romans gang started out about 1955 at 50th and Hoyne with 15 members Had a club house in a garage on 50th st just west of Hoyne for a while then moved o N to 51st & Damen hangout was Minosos & J.

B Bowling Alley until the late 50's then Joined up with a gang from 51st & Ashland were the membership grew to about 35 and the new hangout was Universal Candies at 51st & Ashland.

We would have dance socials at our hi school and we were a club of hi school members that had Pinacle tournaments and sports against other clubs. 15 old men in purple and gold shirts having lunch at some of our favorite restaurants that are still around.

Our Graduation class of 1960 had its 50 reunion and there are about 15 of us who still live in Chicago or suburbs and have lunch at least once a month. There was also Aristocrats on the southside they hung around Archer Park after the LAs broke up. They wore gray & black sweaters and some hung out at 47th and Avers.

The Wood Street Walkers' turf was Wood Street between 48th and 49th.

They got along good with the Cherry Busters and the Muscaddulers.

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The Brothers Of Brighton hung around Brighton Park they wore gray and purple sweaters and fought with the Latin Lords.Pee Wee Unicorns hung out at Throop Park aka Monkee Park. They had friends in other clubs and could get 200 guys together in 20 minutes,if need be. Cool Gents were like brothers and cousins of The Unicorns , they were from 45th and Laflin. The Settlers ran the place and the other clubs were the Unicorns, Son's of 45th & the Cool Gents.he older unicorns had the letter U on an all black sweater, same with the JRS, midget's had a emblem of a U with two unicorns facing each other on long sides of the U. Hawaiian 37th they hung around 37th Wallace in Bridgeport. In Bridgeport in the early 60s, 28th Canal St was known as the island, a Mexican gang called Spanish Chancellors wore black & dark blue sweaters hung out there. They were allies with the Cornell Dukes, Bishops, and Muscaddulers. Their cross had 5 slashes, 1 on each side top and bottom, one on top of the cross. Their sweaters were Black with deep purple stripes ,with an emblem. Some of the Saints from Davis Square hung out in there too.The gang started breaking up in the early 60's turf was 50th St to 54th St Damen to Western.

Latino: Emerald Knights are named after the street they hung out at which is Emerald.

midgets had two different sweaters one black with white stripes, the other was party sweater white with black stripes. They got their name from the cops who busted them one night for under age drinking out in the open. Their was also a girls gang The Chantels who hung with them and wore the same color sweaters with Chantels written on the back. They were 11 guys who never looked for trouble, but it always came to them. They would pull in their friends from other clubs to fight against the Fulton “55th and Damen,” 59th Maniac Dukes. It was located on 45th s Mc Dowall right off Ashland Ave a couple of blocks from Peoples Show.