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23-Mar-2017 05:12

Far too often, women feel the need to play a certain role in order to be desired and loved.

Frankly, it’s exhausting to act like anyone other than who you are. How can you find your true match if you’re busy being a chameleon?

Whether you grab a coffee, walk around a museum, or meet up at a dog park, everything depends on your personal comfort level—which can make a helluva difference when it comes to the quality of the conversation.

Pick a date location that allows you to feel engaged by your surroundings.

If you are going to drink before your date even arrives, limit yourself to intimidating to sit across a table from someone you don’t know, especially if you struggle with anxiety.

Consider meeting on different territory that you would both enjoy.

You may recognize it as the voice that says, “” It’s basically first date kryptonite.The more a person is “in their element,” the more authentic they feel.I love choosing a fun activity such as miniature golf or bowling.Listen to yourself, ask yourself honest questions, and practice self-care.

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Because at the end of the day, romance can be incredible, but your relationship with yourself is perpetual.As tempting as it is to placate your nerves with a glass of wine (or three) at your apartment before heading out, consider the repercussions of doing so.You run the risk of being tipsy or drunk on your date (a major turnoff, according to men), revealing too much too soon, getting physical before you’re actually ready, and losing the ability to assess whether this guy is an actual match.Many people become so nervous on a first date, worrying incessantly that they will do the wrong thing, that they fail to let their true self be seen.