Dating in silicon valley

14-Jul-2017 15:13

So there are some noticeable differences but if you are in silicon valley you are usually focused on your career as priority rather than the sheer volume of men here.

Like all the other ladies here, let me preface by saying that I’m not sure where I fall on a scale of 1 to attractive. I once had a rather expensive suitor who, among other things, attempted to take me to La Jolla for an extended weekend getaway in his Porsche 911.

Sometimes when they have a deadline or are pushing out a product, for instance, they put in 90 hours.

They typically say they would live at work if they could.

But they just don’t know how to strike up a conversation or socialize.

And actually, from my experience, guys here aren’t as gentlemen-like as they are in smaller cities or from out-of-state.

Personally, I think it’s a privilege to be able to work in tech and for me it’s paramount that I remain completely professional.

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People are more likely to ask you out for a drink, to hang out after a Meetup activity, or to watch Netflix and chill.

I’m not sure about “very attractive” but as a woman in silicon valley, during a company team dinner, we went around the table and were asked to thank the person next to us for what they contributed to the company. The truth is I actively try to be just another team member. There are lots of little unexpected issues that make you different: The fact that an American Apparel men’s medium t-shirt is not the same as a women’s small (which is somehow confusing).

Some people were thanked for their leadership during times of crisis, for their hard work, a particular program they built. “So no I will not wear your startup t-shirt to work and yes it will be one of 50 startup tees in my closet designated for manual labour, sleeping, and days where I really don’t feel like going to yoga but force myself anyway.” I know this isn’t dating specific but it is germain to being a girl in SF.

The gifts and (more importantly) the attention were nice!

“But the more I dated him, the more I realized that his youthful enthusiasm for life (which I found attractive) was actually a mask for erratic, impulsive behavior, and that he was just a little bit crazy (not attractive).So regardless if you’re mediocre or attractive, men here won’t try as hard to impress you.That or they just don’t have the capability to hold a great conversation to keep you interested. It is true that often I am the only girl at a company amongst 50 guys and you are right that is kind of a unique situation. However, it always seems to be a point of interest at first.I kind of feel like you should do that no matter where you are, though.