Dating in a sexually segregated society

18-Mar-2017 12:43

An arrest was made shortly afterward, but there was no actual physical evidence against the suspect, so he was discharged.

Manitoba’s cold case squad is actively investigating this case.

DNA continues to be collected from possible suspects, polygraphs are still being administered, and evidence is being reexamined.

Kelly Jane Evelyn Cook, 15, provided babysitting services in her community of Standard, Alberta.

She’d been sexually assaulted, severely beaten, and bludgeoned repeatedly on her face and head. DNA samples determined that at least two different men were involved.On the morning of April 22, 1981, she received a call asking if she was available to babysit that evening.The caller gave his name as Bill Christiansen and said he would pick her up.Kelly was seen driving away from her residence with this man. On June 28, her body was found in the Chin Lake reservoir outside of Lethbridge, which is approximately 130 kilometers (80 mi) from Standard.

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