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22-Aug-2017 06:11

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He’s also does something slightly different every night as he is a very clever comedic actor and we are very lucky to have him.” Harman and the producers have cleverly covered themselves by bringing in experienced old hands such as Dean Chisnall as Shrek who spars with Faye Brookes’ feisty Fiona.

“When you’re an actor you are just responsible for a small part so there was pressure, but I knew the material was so strong.“You can see there is so much money on the stage because Playful and Dreamworks were very much of the mind that we are not going to cut anything we are going to take it with us on the road,” says Harman, basking in the glow of a hit show.“Now we’ve had a bit of a struggle to fit everything on the stage, but by god we’ve done it.“I was very proud of all the work people have done.