Dating friendship in ghana 2016

08-Feb-2017 08:44

Again, the way he is constantly protecting his phone, I’m beginning to think there’s more keeping him out and not only work.The thing is, I am not going to sit down and lose my sanity and peace of mind if I find out he is cheating again so I gave in to one of my numerous admirers.The problem is, it’s been very hard for me to forget about it, and I feel the only way to get over this is to cheat too.It’s been two years now, and I still have the urge to cheat too. I know a lot more women were brought up well too, however, women are just as bad as men in this cheating game, except - women get away with it more because we are more emotional, charismatic, and play victim more. You can't give a guy any less respect in this aspect than a woman.We’ve been married for 12 years, and I’ve been seeing this other man (who just happens to be the true love of my life) for Nine (9) years now. I am blessed with a good paying job, so I very often pay less attention to that individual’s financial status.

He made passionate love to me, in my husband’s house, every time he closed from work, till I gave birth. That’s why I am having an affair with my Ex-boyfriend. Dave that was when I realized I wasn’t truly ‘happily’ married.

Instantly, dinner with the hot stranger from the bar sounded like a great idea…