Dating feedback

10-Mar-2017 21:26

It can take a while to warm up to some people and because of this, they assume I’m a quiet, boring person who doesn’t have fun.

If you take the time or I feel comfortable with you, you’ll see how outgoing I become.

As from my experience about scams love, we need to be very careful, I'm very careful now and I never sent a scammer money.

I received a lot of messages from guys from Spain with names like Wyatt, Morgan, Steve ok maybe I'm being sceptical but the messages and email they write are like scams message, as I said I know how they write messages.

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You might also be interested to read reviews about us on Trust Pilot or Google Local "On last year's Original Dating's boat party I found my boyfriend Tony :) We're very happy and often talk about how we met. " Debbie "The host was so welcoming and people so friendly I didn't have a chance to be nervous" Sam, Highbury "Had a brilliant time and I have a date tomorrow! My friends have booked." Sonali, Balham "I honestly just came for a laugh, but it was actually really good fun. " Natalia "I really think praise should be given where it's due.

The most influential person in my life has been: I thought for quite a while on this one, but I don’t have one set person.

I'm going to tell my mate he has to come." Richard, Clapham "A really nice bunch of people last week. I loved your event last night and will be recommending it to others.