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If parenthood doesn’t leave your boyfriend with enough space in his life and heart to suit you and make you feel as important as you need to feel in order to be happy in a relationship, it is OK — it’s essential, actually — that you own that, communicate it, and MOA.

Life’s too short to stay with someone whose life isn’t compatible with your needs and the path you’re on.

If you have a relationship/dating question I can help answer, you can send me your letters at I am dating a divorced dad with two teenage girls — 16 and 14.

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Looking back I'm still not sure what all exactly happened but I've processed it and moved on.

Shortly after our last daughter was born (we now have 4 all mine and her's) I couldn't take it anymore and left.

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They come visit their dad every weekend, which means on weekends we can’t talk on the phone freely during the daytime.

Am I making a fuss or is what concerns me and makes me uncomfortable reasonable to worry about?

Except for concerns above, he is a very tender, thoughtful, romantic and emotionally sharing person.

He already said he wanted to marry me four months after we met.

I frequently think about that, for the rest of his life, I need to share him with his two daughters, who will have heir own families and children, literally his grandchildren. I am not sure if I am willing to handle that or if I will handle it well. — Dating a Dad It sounds like what you’re asking me is whether your boyfriend having kids is a deal-breaker or not, and no one can answer that but you. But it unfair to expect your boyfriend to shift his priorities to cut contact with his ex in-laws when he is still, and always will be, connected to them through his kids.

It basically took a year for me to get divorced so I felt I was pretty well over the relationship.