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It is considered a rattle, rather than a true bell for this reason.

Sound is produced by the inclusion of a loose pebble or iron jinglet encased in the bell’s round body.

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An incomplete cast copper alloy crotal bell dating to the post-medieval period.The Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) is a voluntary programme run by the United Kingdom government to record the increasing numbers of small finds of archaeological interest found by members of the public.The scheme started in 1997 and now covers most of England and Wales.Five of six sleigh bell crotals were recovered from PHMC excavations at Conestoga Town (36La52), a Susquehannock village site of the period from 1690-1740 (Kent, 2001; 207-208; 386). The bell pictured below is engraved with the initials G. Sleigh bells with these marks have been found in archaeological contexts in Williamsburg, Virginia among other late 18The bell was found behind the icehouse during 2013 PHMC excavations at Fort Hunter.

Based on their archaeological contexts, these bells are likely of British manufacture sometime in the late-17 century and exhibit a slanted u-shaped shank typical of the period. Diagnostic characteristics include the petal engraved motif, the “B” marker’s mark present next to a single throat that terminates in circular ends, and the presence of two mold holes on either side of a cast u-shaped shank.

He lived in Wintonbury (now Bloomfield) (6) or Farmington, Connecticut (19).