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24-Mar-2017 10:01

Call me a bad person but I think this may be a deal-breaker already.She doesn't even seem that interested in becoming athletic saying "I might have to start exercising when my metabolism slows down".

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Is it really the shallow of me to dismiss her as a serious partner because she doesn't exercise?

I’ll post a comment for each group, and then please reply to that with your thoughts.

Please send myself and / or @moseleymoles your tracklistings if you haven’t already, and if you are yet to send your discs get your skates on!

The desire to be physically fit is an organic process that must originate from one's own motivation.

If medical school has taught me anything, it's that it's impossible to change someone if they don't recognize the problem and are willing to address it.If you are in your 20s there are NO excuses not to be somewhat active.We're both in medical school - I share that same demands and responsiblities and I make time for exercise.She has a nice body, she danced - which can be a sport, and certainly is a physical activity. The worst thing you can do is trying to motivate her. Women who go to the gym and lift weights look better than both, but that's a different topic.[quote]but was a dancer (whatever that means). Side note: a girl once dumped me because I "exercised too much" (I workout an hour everyday right now- can't image what that girl would have thought of me when I was a college athlete).

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