Dangers dating too early

13-Aug-2017 09:53

This article was revised for the Abstinence Education T/TA Web site, see pdf version here. He is on the Advisory Board of the Catholic Education Resource Center.

There's a certain romantic mystery about it -- what will this new person be like?

We can point to the Harvard study showing the benefits to college women who adopted a strict sexual code after having been sexually permissive.

We can point to Lucian Shulte, the student featured in Newsweek who had sex with a girl in high school, then resolved to abstain and is still living that lifestyle in college.

Here are ten rewards of waiting Many teens who have already been sexually involved make the mistake of thinking, "It's too late for me to change even if I wanted to." But the truth is that all of us, no matter what our age, have the freedom at any point in our lives to make different choices.

Teens need real-life stories of young people who were sexually involved once but have made a fresh start.

I felt he was no longer interested in spending time with me — he was interested in spending time with my body. And that's a problem, because the destructive psychological consequences of temporary sexual relationships are very real.

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Consistent condom use reduces by only 50% the risk for chlamydia — the cause of virtually all cervical cancer in women — a significant risk remains.

Some last a long time, even into marriage and parenting.

Hey, occasionally the too-fast, too-soon thing turns into a great relationship. I've seen it happen. It just hasn't ever worked for me, and honestly, I'd rather take my time baking some Chicago-style pepperoni with a side of ranch, here on earth.… continue reading »

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Learn the dangers of meeting people online. Online Scams There is a chance that the individual you are chatting with may be trying to scam you. For example, Online Dating Scams reports that overseas women often run scams on lonely men. They seduce the men online and then trick them into wiring money overseas. The men never hear from… continue reading »

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Try to avoid anything that is too controversial, such as politics, but do talk about other news stories that may be of interest. It can be a great way to start a conversation and can help you stick to neutral subjects.… continue reading »

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Dating dangers Dating should be a pleasurable period of getting to know one another -- not a time to fear getting emotionally or physically abused. But particularly among young people, dating violence is an unfortunate reality. According to a national survey by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, about one in 10 teens were hit.… continue reading »

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