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You have empow- ered them.” Pennee, too, knows well the kind of impact a good teacher can have on someone’s life — it’s what led her to where she is today. She currently teaches Canadian literature, critical practice, liter- ary theory and film and is closely involved with the Centre for Cul- tural Studies/Centre d’dtudes sur la culture, serving as a member of its advisory council and convenor of its Pedagogies Seminar, which meets regularly to discuss alter- native principles and modes of learning.She first came to Guelph as an undergraduate in 1977 to study sciences and signed up for Eng- lish only because she was re- quired to take one of those pesky arts electives. This winter, she also served as instructional develop- ment co-ordinator for Teaching Support Services.“I learned greater patience and toler- ance from them,” she says.“1 also watched how stressed they would get in school and I’d see from the other side how thoughtless teach- ers can be.” She believes that anyone who enjoys teaching has never forgot- ten what it’s like to be a student.Continued from page 1 the studio and her work in the classroom.

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“I’m pleased that they have re- ceived public recognition for a standard of excellence that is al- ready well known in their depart- ments,” says Stewart.I ex- pect them to take responsibility for teaching me and teaching oth- ers in the classroom.I expect them to meet me halfway on the work we’re going to do.It’s important to personalize the learning because students really are involved in the process of learning as individuals.

At the same time, it’s important to pro- fessionalize learning because stu- dents are then more willing to take responsibility for their learn- ing in and out of the classroom.” She says students describe her as a demanding teacher, “but they’re glad I’m demanding.Her most recent exhibit, “To View from Here,” showed simultane- ously last year at the Art Gallery of Hamilton and the Macdonald Stewart Art Centre.She has a strong background in architecture, a subject she taught at the University of Toronto and University of Waterloo. College of Arts dean Carole Stewart says everyone in the col- lege is “absolutely delighted” with Priest and Pennee’s awards.