Catholicism and inter racial dating

30-Jul-2017 05:21

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Grace University in Omaha, an Evangelical Bible school with strong Anabaptist roots, has been criticized for a perceived preponderance of Bob Jones graduates in its staffing.

Appalachian Bible College, a Mennonite and Brethren-friendly institution, is also similarly dominated by two names – Bob Jones University and the equally conservative Dallas Theological Seminary, which has also quietly dealt with questions about its teachings and perceived discomfort towards interracial relationships.

Touchy Subject of Interracial Marriage The increasing number of Catholic-Protestant marriages in the United States, marriages contracted in the face of ecclesiastical disapproval, stands in sharp contrast to the small number of interracial marriages—marriages against which there are no religious bars.

Yet public interest centers less intently on the interfaith than on the interracial marriage, particularly the interracial marriage that unites members of the white and black races.

But religious bodies are frankly acknowledging that Christian brotherhood implies acceptance of interracial unions.

The constitutionality of state anti-miscegenation laws has never been tested in the U. Supreme Court; a ruling by the high court that those laws were in conflict with the federal Constitution would introduce a new and disruptive element into the country's race relations notwithstanding an apparent growth of public toleration for mixed marriages of all sorts.

With world-wide trends towards marriage indicating that it is a social institution in general decline – no longer seen as essential for raising children or living in a committed relationship – potentially outmoded concepts of marriage might seemingly outlive marriage itself.

Last December (2011), despite decades of civil rights movements and legislation against racial discrimination, the Gulnare Freewill Baptist Church in Kentucky voted 9 to 6 to bar interracial couples from becoming members or being used in worship services.

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Only 3 percent of couples in the country had intermarried at the time of the ruling, but by 2015, 17 percent of newlyweds in the U. had a spouse from a different racial background, according to U. Census Bureau data reviewed by the Pew Research Center in a report released Wednesday.According to Reverend Scotty Mc Lennan of Stanford University, author of , it was the Catholic Church that stepped forward to successfully challenge California's anti-miscegenation law on behalf of a black-white couple in Los Angeles. It wasn't until 1967 that the Supreme Court struck down remaining restrictions on interracial marriage then being enforced by some twenty states.So, after the California ruling upholding Proposition 8 and as more states pass laws in support of same sex marriage, how much longer before the law of the land applies to all its citizens, gay and straight alike?Consider that California was the flashpoint for marriage of a different sort in 1948.

Then the issue wasn't two men or two women wanting the state's blessing for their matrimony, but couples from different races seeking to be married.

After a week of bad press, the church did reverse itself, but the damage was done.