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Our voyage was a kind of royal progress, attended by a nimble retinue of the denizens of the deep, all animated by the same tender interest ,y Go Ogle ON THE WAY OUT 7 in whatever savory morsels might be thrown over- board by the mess cooks and left floating in our wake.

The first thing was to make sufficient easting and so catch the trades; whose genia] gales sent us bowling down the Atlantic and well into the peaceful tropical main that Spanish sailors used to call el golfo de las danww — the ladies' sea — because in those gentle waters one could entrust the helm to a young girl without danger. We were honored with a visit from his briny majesty when we crossed the line, and our fresh-water sailors who had never crossed before were duly initiated by his aqueous myrmidons.

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Alone on the sea; yet not in absolute solitude, for we had a welcome from shoals of porpoises that gambolled around, fiying fish that skittered along the crests of the waves, an occasional surly shark, and flocks of gulls and petrels that made the welkin lively with their curvetti Dg B and chat- terings.

And the tipsy deck, swelling canvas and webs of cordage strike him as quite unlike the solid old home of his boyhood, which staid where it was put and never threatened to spill him out.