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summer of '69 rock the world-Tushar India Hi there, people here who said that the song is about "69" position ARE SO RIGHT! Plus "Back in the summer of seventy-nine just sounds stupid." Just a thought.

Bryan always admit it, so I don't know why some people get offended here by knowing it! A did a good job to make at least, one of his songs, enter History just because his words may have a hidden sense... I was six years old when I went to my first Bryan Adams concert. When Bryan sings "me and my baby in a 69" he is in fact referring to an Austin A69, a popular car of the time.

i read through forums like this and realized that a lot of people are thinking the WRONG thing about this song..added the "this song is not about the year 1969 at all" just to get the crowd going.think so hard!

The first few times I heard this song it was just really annoying to me, but after awhile of hearing it on the radio it started to grow on me.

I don't think that that has anything to do with 69 being sexual. Why do people think every song is related to sex or drugs? It is also possible the author of song might have some incidents related to year 69 or some other meaning. It is unfortunate why the song wordings are attached to its singer or writer anyway? Stop wild guesses please and enjoy the thrill of teen age and school nostalgia. There is nothing in the song that is bad or offensive. Still it is great number and will remain so till teenage remains and schools remain on this earth. Prof R K Gupta Jodhpur-India Well, for those who mention that 69 refers to the sexual position, I think you are wrong, and I have a site to prove this...

Quite frankly, maybe he used that year becuase the syllables fit into the line. Also, I heard the line "played it 'til my fingers bled" is a reference to The Rolling Stones' song "Let It Bleed" which was released in '69 and got its title from Keith Richards' fingers bleeding during a jam session. All of you who say the 69 refers to sexual positions, you're wrong. Before making ad lib comments, its usually good to check out the song...please see here: don't see why people are so offended by people saying what they think this song is about.

Songfacts: What were the influences on "Summer of '69," and does the title refer to the sexual position?

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In 1969 Bryan lives in Texas & nowhere nears a drive-in & it is not until 1970 that Bryan moves to the never mentioned, isolated suburb Beacon Hill in between the Ottawa River, the Queensway & the edge of the city This is where Bryan's first real six string & the drive-in theater come into the picture.JUst recently, my friend downloaded a summer of '69 ringtone onto his phone.It so happened that when i was in the car with him we kept hearing the song on the radio.This is my favorite song of all time, but I couldn't tell you why.

I think it's because of his descriptive details and his use of many different elements thrown together into an overall theme.Bryan must have spotted me when I spotted him because by the time I ran to get my Dad they were nowhere to be seen.I'm beginning to think a formative aged Bryan elusive,cant be caught, always on the run strictly private nature could have stemmed from these events In this interview he plainly tells what it's about.Take a look at Bryan Adams official website( there is an interview section where he tells everything about this song, he also said that once he told this story to a journalist in a radio interview and she blushed and said to him"I'll never play this song again"So believe it, the son is in fact about 69 sexual position! I sincerely love this song, and I don't care if it's about sex or not... I registered just because I was so outraged by the very first statement. Bryan Adams didn't write the song and his partner on the song was nineteen in 1969. I doubt that there would have been much room in a 69 for a 69 as they were very small cars.

The increased success and help from Bruce Allen got Bryan Adams on concert bills with The Kinks, Foreigner, and Loverboy. In June of 1983, Bryan Adams became a hit. His third album, Cuts Like a Knife reached Billboard ’ s Top 10. It included the singles “ Cuts Like a Knife ” and “ Straight from the Heart.… continue reading »

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