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17-Jul-2017 08:38

Sometimes people would come right up to me and say it. But soon I started to feel like a celebrity without all the perks. ’ I’m from Canada, and I came here to teach English. I was mistaken for both a band member from The Roots and Tiger Woods (who I look nothing like) and asked to sign an autograph by a high school girl while at Tokyo Disney.

People didn’t know me, yet they thought they knew what I was about. I was asked to pose for pictures while holding a newborn, and complimented by a group of small town teens on certain parts of my, ehrm, anatomy at a Tanabata festival. Then there were the countless number of 20 somethings I saw wandering around, who payed 50, 000 yen (roughly 500 US dollars) at some chic salon to make it look like they had natural dread locks for a month or two.

The presence of black culture in Japan still leaves me with ambivalent feelings.

What is clear however, is despite the fact their own language and culture keep them apart there is a young generation of nihonjin who seek more than ever to be closer to the rest of the world, to feel somehow connected, and are still in the processes of figuring out how. Check out Matador’s resource page for travel in Japan.

A black male colleague of mine who also lived in Japan offered another perspective.

He found it refreshing to see a new take on music, fashion and food we both grew up with. Playing with culture the way you play with the latest gadget could hardly be a positive thing, especially if you don’t know the culture well enough.

Seeing this apparent fascination by some Japanese people with all things black, my mind went from “Kokujin kakkoii!

” is what I was often told whenever I asked what was behind the admiration of black people. I admit it was a bit of an ego boost hearing it whispered behind me as I walked down the narrow yet crowded Takeshita –Dori in trendy Harajuku or while getting down on the dance floor till 5am in Shibuya.

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They would eventually grow up, conform and consider their former passions and pastimes as just kid stuff.Whenever I meet someone who has been to Japan for any amount of time a superficial bond is instantly formed. I was experiencing my very own version of culture shock. In my naivete I wondered where the ancient land of the mysterious orient I had envisioned was.I had my own issues when trying to rent an apartment that I blogged about here.

But I think Japan is changing, and catching up with the rest of the developed world in terms of human rights. I won’t lie, dating as a foreign woman in Japan is hard, and even harder as a black foreign woman.This is something I was really interested in when I was getting ready to move out here.I’ve lived in Tokyo for three years, and while there are a few blogs out there with the black man’s perspective on life in Japan, I still don’t so see much from the black female point of view.It’s not strange for a bar to have a “no foreigners” sign or for non-Japanese to be denied an apartment because the landlord “doesn’t rent to foreigners.” And you’ll have people on top of trucks in front of stations sometimes yelling for foreigners to go back home.