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26-Jul-2017 16:26

Ability to work well with diverse students of religious and spiritual backgrounds, including students who do not affiliate with religious and/or spiritual traditions.Must have knowledge of Catholic Tradition, mainline Protestant and non-denominational traditions, and of the principles of ministry.

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This position is classified as a benefit eligible non-exempt position.

Must be able to prioritize multiple tasks and meet deadlines accurately to consistently support the University mission.

APPLICATION PROCESS: Qualified candidates are invited to send their cover letter, Curriculum Vita/resume, and a list of professional references to [email protected]

Program examples include but are not limited to Liturgy, Retreats, Bible Studies, and Evenings of Reflection.

Support the growth and development of Siena Serves, the umbrella term for service opportunities in and around Siena Heights.

DIRECTOR OF MUSIC AND LITURGY FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY seeks candidates for a full-time campus ministry position as Director of Music and Liturgy, starting late August 2018.