Age range for dating

30-Jan-2017 12:41

The 'if you don't like it, leave it' approach doesn't really solve anything. Are the programmers here mentally handicapped or something?As far as sexual or inappropriate messages, those know no age. Not that I need to say this but it so happens that most of the women I've dated have, in fact been what most people would consider "age appropriate". I have tried to respond to this post and keep getting kicked.=Not single Most of us, "Not Single" are = NOT looking. ) we are entertained daily, here in the Forums, and damn it, we are trapped!This does not mean we are cheaters This will be my last post on this particular thread, just to clarify a couple of things as best I can.Why should this restriction be imposed on someone who does not specify this?

Aren't people 18 able to decide for themselves whom they want to get in contact with and whom they don't? For all the good it will do, I just responded to his token sale offer as follows: More importantly, why don't you remove age restrictions already? When Bogart married Bacall, he was 46 and she was 19.

When I try to start a conversation with someone below 23 it seems to automatically say that this person doesn't want this contact - no matter which person.

Before I turned one year older, the same was with any person below 22, a year before below 21...

Again I refer to all the points I made above and suggest that they do not represent the views of justa few at all.^^It is the way the site is set up. This is a forum that is not monitored and is populated by a tiny percentage of the user membership. There are lots of other free and paid sites that do not have age restrictions. Why not just hide profiles that don't fall into your specified age range? The first time I understand because I mentioned two other sites.

In other words your posts are not being seen by anyone who can make a change - not that it would happen anyway. The second time I just responded to the age requirement and got booted.

There IS no one appropriate age range except for any given individual or couple.2. By far the majority of age-inappropriate messages are from dirty old men lusting after young women for a one night stand.3.

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