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Look for a professional who is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. The Personal Recruiter Personal recruiting services are matchmakers who approach the process as an executive recruiter.

They combine the same careful vetting processes used by recruiters to fill top level executive positions with the art of matchmaking.

If up to this point you’ve only dated people in traditional 9 to 5 jobs, you may be at a loss when it comes to the mindset and habits of your new love.

Perhaps you wonder if they even have mental problems!

For most entrepreneurs, the prospect of dating or finding someone meaningful to share your success with lands on the "To Do List" wedged somewhere between "Find a CFO" and "Add CRM to the database." Our personal lives have a tendency to meld seamlessly with our work life until it’s hard to discern the two.

The concept of work-life balance feels more like a distant galaxy than reality.

They will help you move outside your social or work circles, meeting individuals you might never have come across otherwise.

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#2: Second, this is for those who are dating entrepreneurs.

You can talk to them one moment and they’ll be amazingly happy.