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As is illustrated in Figure 1, below, Taiwan has almost zero energy endowment, and relies on imports for nearly 98 percent of its consumption.It produces a very small amount of power from renewable sources such as solar, biomass and hydropower.This will break Taipower, as all capital expenditures on the power plant to date―NT3 billion, or around US.5 billion―will turn into debt.The company’s total debt will increase to NT24; Taipower’s assets are also NT24, meaning its debt ratio will be 100 percent.

The following section illustrates energy use trends in Taiwan starting with an examination of possibilities for zero growth in electricity demand, and also assesses Taiwan’s energy supply trends to investigate possibilities for 100 percent renewable energy in the future. Small chance for zero electricity demand growth rate The Bureau of Energy (BOE) in the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA)[4] recently announced preliminary research results indicating that it is impossible to reach the aim of zero electricity demand growth rate before 2030.

Figure 2: Export composition trend in Taiwan: 2001, 20 Data Sources: Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics, Executive Yuan, R. Among renewable sources, the Taiwan government currently prioritizes wind and solar power, but both face development obstacles.

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